As you may or may not know our beloved friend and and dance del bello (DDB) family member, John Daniel had a double lung transplant the day after Thanksgiving.

Although the road to recovery now seems somewhat steady, John did experience major setbacks along the way. These challenges have left him with some level of vision loss as well as some other physical limitations. John and his partner Joe are facing this situation with a strong sense of determination, a sense of humor, and a lot of faith to carry them through this difficult time. John, with the help of Joe, continues to travel to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania three times a week or more where he is receiving Pulmonary and Physical Therapy. John and Joe are blessed with supportive families and friends, but they have been forced to face many financial hardships. John is currently on short-term disability trying to cover hospital bills, health insurances, and miscellaneous day-to-day expenses which continue to escalate. We all know and love John and Joe who have both helped DDB in so many ways over the years, so we are now looking for a way to give back to them by setting up a GoFundMe campaign. Join DDB in supporting John and Joe in such a difficult time. This user-friendly online giving program allows you to contribute money easily and safely. Just follow the links below to begin supporting John Daniel and Joe Soprani right now!

Thank you in advance for your generosity!